The specific teacher who will train your child at Rhythm Image Dance Studio may vary, as there are multiple teachers involved in the studio.

All of our studio teachers are acclaimed Solo SA Champions -:
Tanya Edwards-Smith is an accomplished and highly experienced figure in the world of dance. As the principal and owner of her own studio, she has dedicated over 42 years to her dance journey, which encompasses both dancing and teaching. Her commitment to dance is evident in her 29 years of teaching experience and her enduring 23-year association with her current organization.
Tanya’s impressive achievements in the field of dance include being a South African Champion dancer, trainer, and Team Coach. Her influence extends to the success of numerous dancers, as she has trained over 64 South African Champions in various dance styles. This demonstrates her exceptional ability as a coach and mentor.
Tanya’s passion for dance is further illustrated by her involvement in various dance-related roles and organizations:
1. Solo Dance SchoolSport Coach Trainer and Secretary: Tanya plays a crucial role in training solo dance coaches and holds a position of responsibility within the organization.
2. International Solo DanceSport Secretary: Her engagement at the international level showcases her dedication to promoting dance on a global scale.
3. DanceSport Mpumalanga Provincial Secretary: Tanya’s role at the provincial level highlights her commitment to the growth and development of dance within her region.
4. DanceSport South Africa National Development Commission: This role signifies her active involvement in fostering talent and growth in the national dance community.
5. Nelspruit Eisteddfod Dance Director: Tanya’s contributions extend beyond her studio as she takes on responsibilities related to dance events and competitions.
6. UDF (United Dance Fusion) DanceTour Director for SA Dancers: As a DanceTour director, she provides opportunities for South African dancers to experience dance on a broader scale.
Tanya Edwards-Smith’s extensive experience, leadership roles, and achievements in the world of dance make her a prominent and respected figure within the dance community. Her dedication to both coaching and dancing has had a lasting and positive impact on the South African dance scene.
Maryssa Erasmus is a talented and experienced dancer who has made significant contributions to the Rhythm Image Dance Studio. She is a drama-trained dancer with a wealth of expertise in her field. Maryssa spent two years teaching in Thailand before joining the studio, where she has been instrumental in expanding the teaching of the arts.
One of Maryssa’s notable achievements is her status as a multiple Solo South African Champion, showcasing her exceptional dance skills and dedication to her craft. Her expertise and passion for dance have made her an integral part of the Rhythm Image Dance Studio for a remarkable eight years.
In addition to her role as a dance teacher, Maryssa also serves as a teacher trainer and Solo Dance SchoolSport coach trainer. This reflects her commitment to not only performing but also imparting her knowledge and skills to others.
Furthermore, Maryssa takes on the role of a UDF Dance Tours director, suggesting her involvement in organizing and leading dance-related travel experiences, which can be an exciting opportunity for students and dancers to broaden their horizons and gain unique dance experiences.
Maryssa Erasmus is evidently a fun and dedicated teacher and professional who has made substantial contributions to the world of dance and the Rhythm Image Dance Studio.
Febe Gartner is a talented and promising dancer who has received training from Tanya Edwards-Smith in a variety of dance styles, including Energy, Classic, and Latin. Additionally, her early involvement in high-level gymnastics training has likely contributed to her physical prowess and discipline as a dancer.
Febe’s introduction as a trainee teacher to your dance crew brings a fresh and unique perspective to the studio. Her training and experience, combined with her background in gymnastics, likely provide her with valuable insights to share with students.
One of Febe’s standout qualities is her exceptional musicality, which is a highly desirable trait in a dancer. Her ability to interpret and express the music through dance adds depth and emotion to her performances, making her an asset to the dance studio.
Febe’s background as a visual artist is another intriguing aspect of her profile. This background likely influences her dance style, allowing her to create beautiful lines and movements with a unique and abstract artistic flair. Her ability to think abstractly can lead to innovative and creative choreography, making her a valuable addition to the artistic team.
In summary, Febe Gartner’s training, skills, and unique qualities as a dancer, combined with her background as a visual artist, make her a promising and creative trainee teacher for your dance crew. Her artistic sensibility, musicality, and diverse training background are likely to inspire and enrich the learning experience for your students.
Danieka De Castro is another promising addition to our dance crew, having received training in Energy, Classic, and Latin dance styles from Tanya Edwards-Smith since her teenage years. Her extensive training background in these styles is a strong foundation for her role as a trainee teacher.
Danieka’s powerful and dynamic movement, coupled with her awesome choreography skills, make her a valuable asset to your team. Her ability to create engaging and innovative choreography can contribute significantly to the development of your students’ dance skills.
The philosophy of rotating teachers at least once a month, as you mentioned, is a fantastic approach to dance education. It aligns with the idea that exposure to a variety of teaching styles and strengths can greatly enhance a dancer’s skill set. Each teacher brings a unique perspective and strengths to the table, and by exposing your students to this diversity, you’re helping them become well-rounded dancers.
The concept that “the more teachers the dancer has, the more elements they add to their dancing” is spot on. Different teachers can offer valuable insights, techniques, and styles that can enrich a dancer’s repertoire. By training your dancers to have multiple strong elements in their skill set, you’re providing them with a solid foundation for reaching their full potential in dance. This approach truly opens up the possibilities and helps dancers aim for the sky, as you’ve aptly put it.
Danieka’s skills and her involvement as a trainee teacher, in line with your philosophy, will likely contribute to the well-rounded development of your dancers and their journey toward reaching their full potential in the world of dance.


  • The head association of Rhythm Image Dance Studio is International Solo DanceSport previously known as Solo Danca Latina, under the leadership of Mark Dooley.
  • The studio is affiliated with Dance Sport South Africa and SASCOC (South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee).

Studio Philosophy:

  • The studio’s main priority is to create a fun and enjoyable dance experience for all students.
  • The belief is that excellence in dance comes naturally through the enjoyment of the art form.
  •                            Rhythm Image Dance Studio is dedicated to providing a well-rounded dance education, promoting not only technical skills but also a deep love for dance.  
Maryssa Erasmus & Tanya Edwards-Smith